We Care About You
The Vascular Center of Michigan (VCM) specializes in a variety on minimally invasive diagnistic and interventional procedures to diagnose and treat arterial and venous peripheral vascualr disease (PVD).  The interventional cardiovascular specialists of Cardiology and Vascular Associates PC designed the VCM to fulfill a vision of quality and streamline care for patients affected by PAD. This is who we are:
  • Caring
  • Professional
  • Dedicated
  • Experienced
Our Services
  1. Diagnostic Testing
    CAROTID Carotid Duplex ARTERIAL UPPER EXTREMITY Upper Extremity/ Bilateral Upper Extremity/ Unilateral Upper Extremity Physiologic Study ARTERIAL LOWER EXTREMITY ABI Only ABI with Stress Duplex Bilateral with ABI Duplex Unilateral PsudoAneurysm VENOUS LOWER EXTREMITY Duplex bilateral for DVT Duplex Unilateral for DVT Duplex Bilateral for Reflux Duplex Unilateral for Reflux VENOUS UPPER EXTREMITY Duplex Bilateral Duplex Unilateral

Quality Care From Professionals
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